Late Mr. Ebrahim Abdullah Eshaq Al Turkait

Founder of Issac General Trading Cont. Co

ISSAC General Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L was established in the year 1962 under the name Ibrahim Abdullah Issac Establishment by Late Mr. Ebrahim Abdullah Eshaq Al Turkait.


The group is led by Dr.Adel Eshaq Al Turkait in his position as Managing Partner.

Dr.Adel Al Turkait is graduated Bachelor of science in Pharmacy from Butler University,Indiana,USA in 1991.

In January 1994 due to demise of his father, he took over the leadership of Issac Company as General Manager.

In October 2012 took over the position as Managing Partner with his brother Mr.Feras E Al Turkait and running the company until now.

During these period h worked as CEO of the subsidiary company Issac Health Care Services(IHS).

Dr.Adel Eshaq Al Turkait
(Managing Partner)